The Purse Chronicles Podcast

Effective and Practical Advice on Starting a Great Business from the Ground Up

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The Purse Chronicles Podcast

In The Purse Chronicles Podcast, Julie Couret of 7602 Coach joins fellow New Orleans women leaders in business to provide effective and practical advice on starting a great business from the ground up.

Three friends; Julie Couret, Julie Lea and Vee Georgethat ride in the largest Mardi Gras Krewe in the world together, and delve well beyond the boardroom and the beads. They discuss real life issues facing women today. Such as work/life balance, dating after divorce, women friendships, being a female leader in the workplace, empty nesting, co-parenting, and much more.

Women keep everything most important to them in their purses. Week to week a new topic is pulled out of one of the ladies’ purses and is brought up for discussion in The Purse Chronicles Podcast. Listen in as the chemistry between these three friends offers different perspectives and points of view which keeps things fun and interesting, just like the Big Easy itself!

You know when Julie is in the room. Every meeting is energized with her enthusiasm. She is the catalyst to defining goals and assigning accountability. As an executive coach she cuts through the noise and gets to the decision. Her talents are what the doctor ordered.

Jim Perrier, President, Universal Data Incorporated