Employee Training Offerings

Conflict Resolution that Works

Employees Learn :Resolution does not mean everyone gets what they want. When faced with conflict, it is important to ensure points of view are given the chance to be accurately articulated and heard. Often emotions and stress fog up the clarity needed to look at a situation and determine next steps.

Workplace Harassment

Employees Learn: Many mistakenly believe there are clear, bright lines governing what type of conduct is acceptable.  Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. Sexual harassment and discrimination can quickly go viral and cause devastating results both inside and outside of the workplace. The best protection is education.

Communicating for Goodwill

Employees Learn: People don’t want to be right as much as they very much want to be heard. Put aside your own need to get your point across, and ensure the other person feels heard so that they can thenlisten. Communicate in a way that keeps people from needing to put up their defenses.

Written Communication that Works

Employees Learn: How to write emails and memos that are read, understood, and acted on as requested. The Dos and Don’ts of back and forth correspondence and text messaging at the workplace.

Conflict in Work Styles

Employees Learn: The common behaviors that cause conflict between individuals and appropriate and tactful ways to manage through the differences. And what to do when that doesn’t work.

Keep Your Tank Full and Head Cool

Employees Learn: Know your triggers.  Everyone has an emotional energy tank that fuels our day. Respond from your brain, not your tank.  Learn how you are sapping yourself of precious energy and how sustaining perspective sustains sanity.

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