About 7602 Business Performance


Julie Couret is an Executive Coach who has been training leaders and developing team communication and problem solving skills for 15+ years.

She helps leaders reach their most effective potential through focused and results driven coaching and training.

Teams put aside personal differences and misunderstandings are quickly resolved from the best practices learned in a 7602 Business Performance workshop.


Meet Julie


Technically, Julie works from home, but good luck finding her there. As an executive coach, civic volunteer and engaged mother she’s always on the go. No two days are alike. One day, you may find her volunteering for one of several local non-profits, such as the East Jefferson Hospital Foundation or WYES. On another, you may find her doing the same at her children’s school or representing one of the many boards on which she serves.


From her kitchen table with a three-month-old in her arms, Julie built her business and her reputation as a leader’s leader. By sharing her life experiences and own unique message of empowerment, she’s become a popular guest speaker at universities, conferences and special events.


She always enjoys helping to shape and inspire the next generation. Not only has she been a hit among students and facility alike at Loyola’s campus-wide Career-Week programs, but she’s also frequently tapped as a guest lecturer at UNO and is a member of the adjunct faculty at Tulane.


Moreover, she has served as a committee chair for the Young Leadership Council and is now President of the Greater New Orleans Executive Association, serves on the Board for the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and the New Orleans Baby Cakes Advisory Council.


Originally launched as Willoz Consulting, her firm has rebranded to 7602 Business Performance in 2016, paying homage to the New Orleans Uptown home where she grew up.


As an executive coach, she wears many hats. She facilitates workshops, training programs and corporate retreats. But at the heart of it all, she helps organizations empower their leaders and staff through improved interpersonal workplace communications.

Julie’s full roster of clients highlights perhaps one of her finest professional accomplishments, one widely recognized by area executives and business leaders: she’s the secret that’s not so secret anymore.