Meet Julie

She has been training leaders and developing team communication and problem solving skills for 15+ years. She helps leaders reach their most effective potential through focused and results driven one-on-one coaching and training.   She utilizes a direct and solution-orientated approach with her clients as she swiftly and effectively identifies the opportunities, strengths, and solutions for her client’s personnel management situations.

Julie is the trusted sounding board for senior leaders, leading and navigating sensitive and critical decisions. Julie is a graduate of the regional leadership development program, Leadership Jefferson. She served as the youngest female President of the Greater New Orleans Executive Association and serves on both the Board of Directors for the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and the Advisory Council of the New Orleans Baby Cakes.

Executive Coaching

All Executive coaching goals vary according the individual. Results can include further developing each individual leader’s full understanding of role expectations, supporting their ability to lead strategically, and enhancing each manager’s personal confidence to execute their role. Managers will also hone their abilities to navigate new work dynamics between peers, leaders, and property partners. Each leader also is coached to manage individual barriers to workplace performance excellence.


Early on the coaching sessions we discuss the coach-ee’s leadership vision they wish to achieve for themselves and their department/region. We identify the current “pulse” of their division, key players, and dynamics impacting the current status. We also review the goals provided by their leader.

The sessions are presented in a way that the individual eventually recognizes internally about themselves that is also preventing their own progress. I seek through the conversations to learn the coach-ee’s natural strengths, fears, and behavioral patterns that have served and hindered them.

Coaching comes through conversation. I begin with asking my client to share something they wish to celebrate since we last spoke.

Opportunities for growth happen naturally as we discuss current situations, activities, and challenges.

Leadership Training

Following the individual training selected, participants will be able to:

Effectively communicate to their respective departments their overall goals, needs, expectations, and objectives.

Deliver performance feedback and coaching to their direct reports.

Communicate with all levels of staff to build goodwill, particularly during sensitive topics that could lead to or are already conflict based.

Write emails and memos to reflect the necessary professional tone utilized in verbal interactions, ensuring they also build goodwill in addition to sharing content/information/data.

Ensure all employees feel valued and appreciated as individuals for their participation as an employee, efforts, particularly when exceed expectations or go above and beyond to assist or resolve a situation.

Understand the significant role leaders have in setting and modeling the expectations, driving employee engagement, and supporting employee morale in the workplace.

Frequently solicit feedback from employees of all levels, maintaining an active pulse on the operation as well as employee group and individual tone/moral.

Team Training

Bring teams together through custom training built towards the end result, such as improved collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment training is also available.

Discover proven communication methods, experience team-enhancing collaboration workshops, enhance business performance, and explore the tools to effectively navigate challenging situations. Reveal the importance of personal responsibility and accountability that every individual has in contributing to a positive workplace.

Uncover challenges and obstacles in order to increase productivity. Address performance gaps and create and implement professional development systems.

Non-Profit, Strategic Action Planning Sessions

Has it been “Four Board President’s ago” since a Strategic Action Plan has been reviewed?

Are you the ED or CEO of a Non-Profit that needs to realign the organization’s goals and processes?

Is there lack of clarity of how to ensure professional development and performance evaluations for the organization’s leaders?

Does the Board and the ED or CEO just need to sit down and hash out a ton of items that have been hanging over your head for at least a year?

Additional Board of  Directors Services Include

ED Performance Evaluation Development, from the Board

Organization-wide Performance Evaluation Development

Board of Director Strategic Action Planning Sessions

ED & Staff Goal Setting Sessions

Mission/Vision/Goal Review & Revision Sessions